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Found South Africa (Found SA) is a Not-for-Profit organisation registered with the Department of Social Development  (Reg No: 086-626-NPO ) with the primary aim of promoting the values of honesty and integrity. Found SA further seeks to promote the right to ownership of property of individuals, corporate bodies and communities whilst at the same time fostering an environment that allows for lawful use and enjoyment of private possessions.  It is our belief that a caring country develops from purposeful activities that encourage selfless service on the part of individuals and businesses in our communities. We thus desire to create a caring, honest and selfless society through the simple act of encouraging and facilitating the return of found and recovered items to the rightful owners. Through various initiatives of which one is the establishment of a central portal for reporting and listing of recovered and found items we hope to sensitise individuals and communities towards the laudable goals of honesty, integrity and respect for the private property

Our Mission

Our mission is to be an active role player in the moral regeneration of South Africa. This we intend to do through the active promotion of those values that contribute to the development of the individual and national wellbeing. We seek to mobilise all relevant stakeholders through advocacy, research and campaign to become part owners of the project, particularly through the symbolic act of respect for ownership and use of property.
Our Objectives
Found SA was formed with the primary objective of promoting and reinforcing the values of honesty and integrity, and respect for the right of individuals, corporate entities and communities to own property and have unhindered access to enjoy the properties. These the organisation believes remain parts of the foundation for the development and sustenance of a caring and responsible citizenry, and ultimately a South Africa that meets the aspiration of everyone that live in it.
As vehicles for the achievement of its primary objective Found SA has the secondary objectives of working  with all stakeholders to promote the culture of returning found and recovered properties/items to the rightful owner(s); operating, running  and maintaining  a web-linked database for all found and recovered properties/items; and, organising and advocating through campaigns, newsletters and mass mobilisation for individuals and corporate bodies to identify with the values and ethos being projected by the  organisation
Our Web Presence
Central to our strategy is the use of   the dynamic communication channels provided by the internet to facilitate the recovery of individual, corporate and community properties. Our web portal offers a  free, convenient and one - stop platform for the exchange of information in respect of lost, found and recovered items. In addition, the website provides information on our organisation, our activities and ways in which individuals and corporate bodies can get involved in this laudable project. The website equally features links to relevant resources, advice and internet tools.


We strive to list found/recovered items on the database within 12 hours of the details of an item being submitted to us.  Found items may be reported at anytime of the day either by email or fax, or alternatively by completing the online form.  

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If you have lost something you may try searching our database to see if your item has been reported found. If there are no matches of your items on our database please check back as the database is continuously updated.

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 If you have any querries or need specific  information  in respect of  the project you are welcome to contact us.
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