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How to get Involved
Found SA is a non-profit organisation established and run as a public benefit entity, which is sustainable only through the active participation and support of institutions and corporate bodies. We are of the view that the initiative will substantially complement your existing corporate social responsibility activities and further project your organisations as a customer- centred and responsible corporate citizen.

Your organisation can elect to collaborate with us either as a Reporting Partner or a Depository Partner.

A Reporting Partner has the responsibility to submit the details of all the properties found/recovered within any of its operational units for listing on the national database.

A Depository Partner, in addition to listing the details of all found and recovered items within its premises, may receive found/recovered items from members of the public for safekeeping and listing on the national database.

Our officials will be more than willing to give detailed information in respect of the foregoing.

Support Options

Corporate bodies and institutions can get involved in the initiative by aligning your corporate social investment activities with the objectives of Found SA through any of the options below:

  • Open a Found Items Register in all operating units/branches 
  • Designate an official as the Responsible Officer for all reported found items in all operating units/branches of the organisation
  • Establish a policy in respect of  found and recovered items
  • Establish a depository for found and recovered items in all operating units and branches, where practicable
  • Link Found SA website to your corporate website
  • Donate materials and funds to the organisation
  • Sponsor the printing of branded Found Items Register for schools
  • Sponsor the printing of Found Items display symbols
  • Sponsor the hosting and maintenance of the Found SA web portal


Benefits for Partnering Corporate Bodies and Institutions
    • Public acknowledgement of support through the Found SA website
    • Support in drafting organisational policy on found and recovered items
    • Branding of donated items where feasible
    • Receipt of the Found SA newsletter
    • Provision of workshop on request for Responsible Officer(s) in respect of the policy on found items
    • Invitation  to serve on the advisory board
    • Contributions may be tax deductible
    • Certificate of partnership awarded
    • Symbols of the Found SA may also be displayed to show the organisations commitment to social responsibility
    Please contact us if you would like to discuss a partnership with us at
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